Differences can make beautiful!

The project is based on the interests and skills of the learners. In the first step, the group names will be suggested considering the learners’ interests and skills. Then, students will be informed about the project and the volunteered students will choose the suggested groups in which they want to work. In each group, different activities related to the interests and skills of the learners will be organized. Each team will work collaboratively with the help of Web 2.0 tools. As a final product, all teams work in different activities collaboratively. In this project, we aim to enable the students to learn more about their own interests and skills, raise awareness about the importance of teamwork among students, enable students to improve their communication skills in a foreign language and give chance to increase their creativity and provide multicultural cooperation among the students.

Miembros del Proyecto de Rumanía, Turquía y nuestra compañera Sofía Castro.